Let There Be Light to Pareto Change


  1. “I want to get married in the skies and visit all the planets”
  2. “Make a football club in Nigeria great”
  3. “touch lives through acting”
  4. “ Skydive”
  5. “Swim in Atlantic ocean”
  6. “Shark diving”


As I recalled the words splashed on the Before I Die Wall at TEDxGbagada2015 some of the intense moments at the event flooded my memory. The event was themed Let There Be Light. All the speakers lightened the audience with their ideas. The networking sessions were worthwhile and other activities such as scribbling on the Before I Die Wall were impactful on the attendees as written above. Lest I forget, the coffee at the event was life!  If you missed it, like we say in Nigeria you missed gaan *face palm* LOL

If I sound bias, well cut me some slack, we handled the online streaming at the event so I get to brag about it, right? LOL.

As we countdown to the last few hours before TEDxGbagada 2016, hope you are ready for the Pareto Change (learning the minute change factors capable of making great impacts)

BitPilot Systems, a king in the online streaming universe is geared up to bring Pareto Change to you live from TEDxGbagada 2016 on Saturday November 19, 2016.

BitPilot Systems have streamed the following events;

  • The Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NEC) 2014,
  • NEC 2015
  • NEC 2016
  • Digital Entertainment Conference (DEC) 2015
  • Live Your Dreams Africa 3
  • TEDxGbagada 2015
  • Lofty Heights Conference 2016

Please check the links below to watch TEDxGbagada 2016 live;

  1. http://www.bitpilotsys.com/Live.aspx
  2. http://tedxgbagada.com/index.php/livestream/

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8 Benefits of Live Streaming Your Events

Livestreaming in session

If you are an event planner, trainer, marketer, content manager or business exec you should be interested in the true benefits of live streaming and how effectual live streaming can be in achieving your goals for any event. If you want to break barriers and deliver information in real-time then look no further than live streaming.

Here are 8 Benefits of Live Streaming Your Events.

1. Active Campaign
If you are running an online/offline campaign and you want to create more buzz about it you would want to live stream the event. You should start by announcing the live stream of your contents and events on social media before the day of the event. That way you’d pique the interest of attendees as they wait for the big day of the live streaming.

2. Curiosity
Audiences will be like to watch a live streaming event to quench their thirst for curiosity. They understand that the content is valuable as it can only be viewed live during the event. This creates a mix of scarcity and urgency around your message and event. Audiences understand the language of broadcast scarcity and live streaming will help pass off this message even better as attendees will rush to discuss the events with their online community.

3. VIP
You can make every audience a VIP by live streaming your event. The attendees get exclusive seats to the event from their own comfy space. Especially if attendees have to pay extra for VIP tickets at the physical venue while your online viewers get to experience VIP viewing from the comforts of their homes, office, cars via their mobile devices and personal computers.

4. Stand out
It is time for your brand and event to stand out from the crowd. You would want to consider streaming your events and content live to single out your events and business from the rest of the lot.


5. Effective communication
As a business and brand you need to continually strive for effective business to business communication and effective business to consumer communication. This is achievable through live streaming. You can have live streamed weekly meetings, trainings and feedback sessions.

6. Sponsorship
Live streaming of events and content can open the doors to sponsors. It will help you garner support for your brand and event. Sponsors will be more willing to associate with your event when they know that their brand will be exposed and noticed by online viewers in real-time.

7. Pay Per View
If you were told there is a way to get more revenue legally you’d be interested right? With live streaming you can decide to ask online attendees to pay per view for access to your livestream and if you charge an admission fee at the physical location then you have an opportunity to make more revenue from your event.

8. Online interaction
The currency on social media space is constant interaction. You would want your brand to be a constant trend and you want people to always talk about you. If you have a livestream event you can get audiences to talk about your brand and event before, during and after the event.

As more organizations begin to stream events live, there is a whole world of opportunities and benefits for businesses, events and content managers to explore. With live streaming added to the tool bags of marketers, event planners and business execs there is more avenue for growth in the digital space. Live streaming is the future so embrace it now.

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Twitter Video Has Gone Live!

Twitter video 2
Twitter as recently added a new app to Twitterverse. It is native video application that allows you to shoot, create, edit and upload videos directly to Twitter. This video app is probably an integration of Vine into Twitter as Vine was acquired by the micro blogging giant before its official launch in 2012.

According to Twitter, it gives you even more ways to tell your story. Grab your baby’s first steps, break important news, and share a wicked guitar solo all within the app….”

As Twitter is already a trendsetter in viral news the addition of a native video app can only help establish their niche, increase the appeal to old users and usher in new users. It will also provide more tools for digital marketers to attain the bottom line.

The app is available for iPhone and Andriod right now.


You can learn how to use the Twitter video app here

If you use Twitter for fun or business this are 5 reasons why the video app is here to stay .

5 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day Online

Online LoveBlimey! I am sure some of you love birdies are wondering why you’d ever want to spend Val’s day online. It is OK to be mesmerized by online activities of friends and strangers on social media every other day but not the February 14th, huh? In fact, you don’t mind going online later during the day on February 14 to share your selfies of the day. But why not spend the day of love online? The important action here is spend, right? LOL.

Let’s check out 5 ways to spend Valentine’s Day online;

1. Go Virtual
If you feel Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without the roses and chocolates Well, you don’t have to get the real thing all the time why not go electronic this year.You can send your significant other virtual roses and flowers on Valentine’s Day and virtual chocolates. You can create an e-card with words from your heart and wrap it with e-roses.

2. E-books
Have you ever read a book with that special someone? You can use your Valentine’s Day to share a good book with your loved one(s). You can take turns reading to each other. If you are poetry fancier like me then this is such a treat for you already *wink*

Online love 2
3. Karaoke
You and your partner can perform a duet together without all the noises at an offline karaoke. You can laugh with each other while you sing your FAV songs. You’d enjoy your partners company

4. Foreign language
You would want to learn a romantic love languages in Spanish, Yoruba, Igbo or French languages . You can also use Google translate to learn a foreign language to express your love.

5. Online Variety
So on a day like February 14th you want to have all your major news and blog stories, sports and games in one place. You want to be able to play online games with your special person then check out trending stories and articles later. You avoid a dull day you’d want to stay glued to mysuperdeck.com

With just two days to Valentine’s Day if you are still thinking of what to do and how to spend the day? Or if your special someone left town suddenly or are you consumed with work that you haven’t had time to plan for Valentine’s Day? Then I am sure I have got you covered.

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Have you made a pledge to vote in Nigeria’s 2015 Elections?

Segun pledgeWith all the online and offline discussion about the forthcoming elections by Nigerians and non-Nigerians; you would think that continuous chatter is all that is required for a successful election. However, constant debate is a part of any election as candidates sway electorates for their votes. Have you thought to ask how many Nigerian people will actually vote on February 14, 2015 and February 28, 2015? Or how many Nigerians with the permanent voters card (PVC) have decided to vote?

If you are still undecided, the non-partisan social media movement app from Google Nigeria would allow you to make a commitment to vote in the election. This social media app would allow you to make a pledge to vote and you’d get a badge to share with your friends.

Pledge to Vote
You can also pledge to join a cause that will help you track and verify the election results that would be released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) after you cast your election votes based on the number of registered voters! You can learn more here

Invite your online, offline and social media community to make pledges to vote and monitor their votes.

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What is Your Computer Personality?

Computer personalityWhat does your computer say about you? If I were to pick up your laptop right now without you being present what will I find out about you? Will it show me that you are tidy or a computer geek or a gamer?
Your computer says more about you than you care to admit.

According to a survey by Hunch.com, neat and tidy computers belong to the young tech savvy and the messy desktops are for the career-focused individuals. It is also believed in some quarters that Mac users are geekier than Microsoft users, do you agree?

How well you can use the software installed on your computer might also reveal a thing or two about you. For example if you are satisfied with the general knowledge of the software instead of using the help function to learn more.

The level of security on your computer and how you handle your PC can reveal who you are.
None of these observations are cast in stone. You might be a tech savvy and your desktop will be a mess or a Microsoft user and be techier than a Mac user. In the end you need to discover for yourself if your computer reveals your personality

Please I would love to get your opinion in the comment section.

8 Tips to Secure Your Computer

secure ur computer

When was the last time you did anything to prevent the death of your computer? When was the last time you did anything to increase the longevity of your PC? You need to give thought to this and take the necessary actions to protect your precious information. There are predators lurking all over the internet (and on flash drives and other removable media) trying to prey on your PC, so you need to be aware and be on the offensive.

Here are a few tips to keep your computer safe:

1. Password Security

Do not click the “keep me signed on” option on a website login page on a PC that isn’t yours.  Do not click the “remember password” option because it stores your password in the web browser and it may be accessible to anyone that uses the computer. Try to change your password periodically. In choosing a password, always remember to keep it complex.  Always clear the browser history and remove browser cookies after you use a public computer.

2. Install and update Anti-Virus Software

I bet you have heard this more times than you can remember. This is due to its importance in overall computer security. There are gazillion antivirus software you can purchase online but If you don’t feel a need to pay for an antivirus then Microsoft has got you covered. You can download Microsoft Security Essentials

3. Avoid opening emails from unknown people

Strange emails could be carriers of trojans and malware or junkware. They are also a platform for phishers and other attackers to get to you. You’d definitely want to avoid opening an attachment from an unknown sender.

4. Prepare with Backup and Restore options

If your PC did not come with a recovery DVD you would need to create one.  If you haven’t created a recovery DVD for your PC, now is the time to do it. It would help you recover from a system failure if when it happens.  Also perform a system backup regularly so that you can have the most recent state of your PC.

5. Be safe out there

We all love social media.  Some folks can’t imagine life without their beloved Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ but with the alarming rate of activity going on social networks, the need to be safe out there can’t be over emphasized. Don’t be in a rush to reply a message from a stranger or accept a Facebook friend request from someone you don’t know.

6. Beware of freebies

The next time you think of downloading that song, movie or games for free, beware! It could be a courier for malware.  So, scan for viruses before you download and if you can, avoid the free stuff.  Limit downloads and adjust the security setting on your web browser.

7. Update drivers and software

Software companies are always updating the drivers and software to prevent or a fix a bug. It is necessary that you update your app to the recent version because sometimes it might be a security fix

8. Kill Pop-Ups

Are you familiar with annoying ads that pop-up on your screen without seeking permission from you, some are promotional ads or contest that will probably lead no were.  You need to block and kill those pop-up ads because they are vehicles for malware.

If you aren’t big on computer security now is the time to change before your PC is hijacked. Your computer is throwing a fist and asking you to keep her safe. The battle for survival in the computer world is tedious and your PC could very well use the Hercules in you.

7 quick ways to speed up your PC


Do you miss the days your PC had a performance of over 100%?  The days when your computer worked at the speed of light? Or do you want to get the maximum speed possible for your PC? You can have answers to all these questions by performing these simple steps.

  1. Create Disk Space; When your PC disk is running out of space, it can slow down Windows. To create space run the disk clean up tool by typing disk clean up in the search box, and running the tool by clicking on the icon on the start menu. You can also free up space by deleting files in recycle bin and uninstalling programs that you don’t use anymore.
  2. Defragment; Your PC tends to have accumulated fragmented spaces over a period of time. This segmented spaces are free but they appear has used spaces. To make this space available for use you need to run the disk defragmenter tool. You can also locate this by searching for disk defragmenter on the Windows start menu.
  3. Services; The default settings for most Windows services (helper applications that run in the background) is automatic. This means that they will start up every time you boot your PC.  This can slow down your computer because it shares the resources with both foreground and background processes. You can get to the settings of your computer’s services by typing services.msc in the search box. Change the startup type of services that you don’t require from automatic to manual. That way, you start the service only when you need the program.
  4. Check Hard disk and RAM; your PC might be running slow because of the age of its hard disk(s) or RAM or because one or more of them are damaged. Run the Windows disk check utility by viewing the properties of any of your hard drives in My Computer (or you can use a third party software).
  5. System restore; if you remember the last time your PC performed at optimum speed then you can run the system restore wizard to roll back to that date.
  6. Virus Scan; a virus infection might also be the cause of the tardiness of your Windows. To fix this, update your antivirus software and scan your PC.
  7. Restore to factory settings; it might be time to backup all your important docs and restore it to default/factory settings if all else fails.

If you need to find out the tips to keep your computer safe and If your PC is still slow then you can ask Microsoft for help on Twitter @MicrosoftHelps

Share with us in the comments section what worked for you when you needed to speed up your PC. Cheers!

M.I. and Fashola Hangout on Google+

Mi and Fash

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls the Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola would be holding his first Google+ hangout today, September 27, 2013 by 6.00pm. He would be moderated by the recently appointed Lagos State ambassador of Electricity, M.I. (Jude Abaga) as he talks about energy. To join the event, you can RSVP here.

M.I. has been carrying out an energy conservation campaign for a while on Twitter in preparation for the celebration of the  Energy Conservation Month in October themed “Conserve Energy, Save Money”.
Don’t miss the hangout today!

8 Habits of Highly Productive e-Marketers

Ever struggled with productivity in the workplace? Or wondered why you only get to close half of your sale on telephone, email or in person? Look no further than your habits. The art of marketing and selling is transcendental. It shows in every aspect of our lives. It is ubiquitous if you like. You can’t spend a day without selling or trying to convince an associate or friend to buy your stuff!  As an entrepreneur and CEO this skill is a must have to grow your business, for a marketer and a salesman it is the only skill that you should have for career success. The techniques and qualities presented in this article are tried and true. It has worked for me and many e-marketers like me.


You can use it whether you sell goods, services, products, ideas, yourself or business. Don’t rush to learn these skills or try to add this to your long list of sales armor or to do list. If you do then you have missed it from the get-go. This post must be read carefully, take notes when you have to, practice and hone these skills until it becomes habitual. Habits aren’t formed in a single post so read between the lines to learn how to be productive in and out of the workplace.

1.      A listening ear

In the quest for more sales and to achieve the bottom line, one of your best qualities you can ever possess is a listening ear. You have heard this umpteen times but as an e-marketer, social media marketer and business owner you must cultivate the habit of listening. Listen between the lines if you will.  Listen to your customers’ voice, body language, tone of voice, facial expression on the phone, face to face or email conversation. Clear your mind and thoughts. Only your customer should have your attention at this time. It takes a lot of patience to do this. So get a quiet place and work at it until you have a mountain of patience

2.      Spark of connection

The customer should feel a spark of connection with the seller or he won’t buy. He must be able to see that you can relate to him. So you must ensure that you work at this until you are a pro. Profile your client, research your customer and identify yourself with the service, product and brand through the eyes of the customer so that you can sell with ease. Long after you have gone, you will linger in the hearts of your clients because of the connection you created.

3.      Say yes to problems

Solving a problem always work wonders. It is an old tradition that you should try to solve a problem. Ask successful business owners and CEO and they will tell you that the secret of their success in business is problem-solving. Always solve a problem when you are trying to sell. With family, friends, strangers. When you are out in the park or on the beach, just continue to help. It gives you a sense of purpose, joy and satisfaction. You won’t only be the proverbial Good Samaritan but you will be a good e-marketer

4.      Be magnetic

You don’t need the mutant powers of magneto to control metal so you can be magnetic. However, you sure need to have a riveting and mesmerizing effect on people. People should look at you are feel disarmed by your presence. You don’t have to be a god either to achieve this. So how is this possible? Sell yourself. You need to be able to sell yourself convincing. In doing this however, the first question should be, will I buy myself if it was sold to me?

Learn how to give a killer first impression, flash a smile involuntarily and watch people fall to their knees at your feet. Develop a fun hobby e.g. dancing, blogging, poetry, singing, a sport, drumming, playing the piano or the guitar. These skills will help you sell yourself better. The other person will sense that you aren’t all about marketing but you have got this other side to you. Let people always feel you’re like an onion and they need to peel you to see more i.e. sell curiosity.


An e-marketer must be a good story teller. You should be able to draw intense emotions from your audience. Bring people to tear and watch them burst into unrestrained laughter with your stories. Lace your stories with curiosity, humor, passion…if you don’t know how, learn. Watch funning videos, read jokes, 7 ways to sell anything, emotion, humor

5.      Always acknowledge an email

One of the greatest tool available to make the next sale and to build the lasting relationship with your customer is an email. There is nothing that kills the next email sale like ignoring a mail. If the mail is not urgent, you might choose to reply later but never turn a blind eye to a mail from a potential client, customer or business associate. If the mail is an info that you already have …send a thank you reply. What ever you do, don’t ignore that mail… and while doing that don’t leave your job on attended too. When the email or sms will lead to more questions then make a phone call or go over to meet the person

6.      Know how to close a sale on the phone.

Can you make a phone sale? If your answer is no, then you need to learn. There are times that you are just a phone call away from closing the deal. Making the sale on the phone is usually done after sending an email and meeting the client in person. However, sometimes the phone call gives you the appointment you need to close the sale. You must be tactful in your conversation and prepare the mind of the client on the phone so that when you go to visit him he is ready to buy and all you’d need to do is push the right button. Practice with your friends, associates and collegues and try to be in the mind of your customer.

7.      Be social media savvy

You don’t have to be a techie to be a productive e-marketer but your social media skills must be top notch. Get a personal blog necessary or be a regular blogger for your company, create a youtube channel for your videos, share your photos on Flickr. Tweak your Facebook profile, twitter and linkedin profile for work and play but ensure that all weird photos and videos stay out. You should be able to refer clients to your profile on social networking sites and your info should be convincing enough for them to buy what you are selling. CEo, entrepreneurs need to understand the workings of social media for your next campaign, understand how to get return on investment. To hone your social media skills sign up for webinars, seminars or get in touch will the social media experts at BitPilot Systems.

8.      Be a public speaker

You can afford to be shy when dealing with people. You customer can smell timidity. Get rid of the fear and anything that makes you you uncomfortable. You can try making a video and imagine that people are watching so you can build up your public speaking. You might need to learn how not to suck at public speaking.

With these, you are on your way to becoming the ultimate e-marketing provider. Remember to avoid multitasking, but if you must know that it might be making you dumber.

Guess who joined Facebook?

facebook #

Hashtags! #WhatAGreatIdea from Facebook!

The # hashtag ; a major trend on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest has joined Facebook.  With the entry of Facebook into the #hashtag world it increases the power and reach of your conversation. If you want more business exposure or if you want to keep in touch with trending topics the #hashtag is a great way to achieve this.

Facebook contests, so far restricted to pages and status messages can now take an interesting form too.

To harness the power of the #hashtag, just add the # to the beginning of a word e.g. #bitpilotsystems. You can search for any conversation that includes a specific hashtag through the search bar.  Don’t overthink the hashtag. Just fling it in! When in doubt, add a hashtag.

5 Ways to Find Love on Facebook

love on fbAs the day draws nearer, your heart races at 160 miles per hour like a sports car in formula one race. Your mind is overflowing with thoughts. You are thinking about the very many orders of cakes, teddies, roses and other gifts that make the day sparkle.  You are wondering if you’d have that romantic getaway and you can’t help but stare at those cute photos that smother your heart every time you are on Facebook. It’s the valentine buzz. You can shake it off or embrace it, but if you are on Facebook you would sure prefer to choose the latter. Facebook offers you love at every sight (every time you login) so you don’t have to hide from the valentine hoopla anymore. If you are searching for that special someone here are 5 ways to start your own Facebook love story.

1. Subscribe

You want to get as close as possible to the one your heart desires. You want to learn about them and research them. What better way to do that than to subscribe to them. You don’t want to send a friend request to someone that doesn’t know you, right?  Click the ‘Subscribe’ button on the person’s Facebook profile.

2.  Facebook Profile

Facebook allows you to know a lot about the person you intend to date. Check out the profile of the one that you are attracted to. Check out their interests, the books they like, movies they would love to see.  These will help you have a mental picture of the person, so you can model your profile after theirs! Yeah it looks like cheating right? It is not. So make your profile as inviting as possible. Listen up guys; ladies dig an ultra-cool bloke. To have a cool profile try to post fun pictures, upload interesting videos of you at the beach, poetry recital and things like that. All the ladies up in here; guys tolerate a chatter box, remember to remove provocative dressing. Never appear too desperate because men can pick the scent a mile away. You might want to use the Facebook timeline because it makes the pages of your life look like a colourful scrapbook. Be very active on the profiles of the opposite sex so that when the one you hope to woo checks out your profile they will be convinced that you know how to relate with them.  A catchy profile will increase your chances of getting a date.

3.    Social Promiscuity

Social promiscuity! The concept of social promiscuity is simple.  Try to aim for as many 5,000 Facebook friends i.e. have as many friends as possible in the right circles.  Once you sight the one that your heart desires and you hope will be your significant other someday soon, then make a big circle of friends around them. Be active on their friends’ profiles, tag their friends in photos. Befriend their friends and wait till it becomes impossible for Facebook not to suggest them to you and vice versa. Then you strike like a lion waiting for a prey with your friend request. You can play cupid on Facebook.

4.    Friend Request
Now that you have formed a network of friends around the person that pulls your heart strings. You are ready to send out your lovely friend request.  Before you send the request, I suggest  that you do a clean sweep of your wall, use your best picture as profile photo and include a message.

5.    Facebook Message

Since Facebook allows you to send a message to a non- Facebook friend, you might want to go ahead and compose a heartfelt message to that special someone that catches your fancy. Never underestimate the power of a well-written message. See Facebook as the canvass and see yourself as a painter. Use words that express the true state of your mind. Don’t throw yourself at someone you haven’t met.  Make yourself friend-worthy and you can send (non-provocative) photos  if you like.  In your message you can ask the person out.


Now that you have found the ways to find your one true love and your very own Saint Valentine on Facebook remember that this is not a dating site. In real life persistence might be considered a virtue but on Facebook it is stalking and it is the first enemy to finding love on and off Facebook therefore, avoid it.


Share your Facebook love story in the comment section or email  segunf [at] bitpilotsys.com

Lovebirds go have yourselves a lovely valentine!

Shocking revelations about iPads and iPhones


As I watched the news on CNN yesterday, I discovered something new about the iPad

that I’d like to share. For some of my readers this story or part of this story might not be new but if this is the first time you are hearing this, then it should prompt you to know more about the products and gadgets you crave for and ask yourself if they are worth the chase.

Some people will literally give up friends or loving relationships to own an iPad or an iPhone. Many people now rely on Apple’s iPhone and iPad for pleasure and business. In many workplaces these devices are highly used.  Brace yourself for the unfolding story of Apple’s beloved products. For some it might be old news but for others it is still fresh in our minds.

1.  Foxconn, a consumer  electronic manufacturing company with headquarters in Taiwan manufactures the iPad and iPhone


2.   A woman that assembles iPad  screens at Foxconn has never seen the finished product before. She saw it for the first time when a CNN reporter showed it to her.  Watch the interview video on CNN.


3.   Working conditions at Foxconn is so harsh and all-consuming ,that some workers have committed suicide and some threatened to commit suicide if work conditions are not improved. It has been reported that Foxconn employees work for up to 16 hours with little or no break period. Also, sleeping conditions at the office accommodation is uncomfortable.


4.   The agony and ecstasy of  Steve  Job is a monologue by Micheal Daisey . He wrote the play  to tell the eye opening story about what he discovered about his priced Apple possession when he visited  China.  Read more on New York Times’ site.


5.   Despite the dehumanizing and stressful work conditions many still want to work at Foxconn. According to a recent article by PC Magazine  thousands of people lined up forming a 200 meters stretch outside the gate with applications in hand to work for Foxconn.


In response to questions from CNN, Apple released this statement: “We care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain. We insist that our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever Apple products are made. Our suppliers must live up to these requirements if they want to keep doing business with Apple.”  So, next time you grab an iPhone or an iPad be sure to remember the true cost.


Google’s Self-Driving Car at TED2011

During TED2011, Sebastian Thrun from Google shared his self-driving car. The basis for creating it is that most “automotive deaths are due to human error, not machine error.” and that a “driverless car can save lives”. The Google car uses Artificial Intelligence technology. This allows the car to detect nearby objects and in its path, as well as control its speed, direction, and destination. You can read more about it on TED’s blog.

Is technology killing us?

is tech killing us
According to Keeping It Kleen, 16% of phones have poop on them. Keyboards, on average, are five times dirtier and have 60 times more germs on them than toilet seats. They are 150 times over the acceptable limit for bacteria.

A recent study showed that a new love interest for many is their cell phone. People would rather give up sex and alcohol to have their cellphones.  Isn’t it strange that you give friends and loved ones certain space restrictions like the bathroom,but the cellphone hoops into the bathroom with you without a second thought. Millions of people are constantly texting and pinging away on the toilet seat.  The cellphone curls up in dirty laundry and  clothes. It is no surprise that cellphones carry so much poop and germs.

Germs as we all know are micro-organisms that cause infections and diseases. For centuries, these have been our shadows always with us wherever we go.  Combating them has become a priority for us since man decided to make life easy and stress free with various techie inventions.  One of such inventions is the ATM Automated Teller machine. The ATM has brought convenience to the way we bank and live our lives, reducing hours wasted in banking halls to minutes. It was first introduced in Nigeria by the defunct Societe Generale bank in 1986 and later revived by Interswitch in 2003.

Research carried out by Kimberly-Clark Corp a leader in the market of consumer products which includes Kleenex tissues, water-less hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand soap, reveals that we should not just only be wary of touching bridge and escalators railings as we were taught as kids, our ATM machines also carry as much germs and this could cause a lot in revenue lose for companies as they could easily be spread to colleagues in the office.

We could very well learn to wash our hands thoroughly. The following steps could be useful in helping us create a safer environment.

Pay attention to the following when washing your hands, wet your hands under the tap, then apply soap or hand sanitizer, rub your palms, the back of your hands, in between your fingers, the back of your fingers, thumbs, finger tips and wrists for at least 20 seconds. Do not rinse with water while rubbing.

Rinse your hands thoroughly under running water, then dry with a paper towel, disposable towel or dryer.

Creating a healthy living environment both at work and home, demands us to be more conscious of the surfaces we make use of.  Always have a spray bottle of alcohol with you and in your apartment so you can clean wipe keyboards, phones and all your gadgets. There is no need for germophobia but the next time your friend visits an ATM, ask him/her have you washed your hands?

Even the gold dispensing ATM in India isn’t free from the germs. As long as it is flooded with many people then you can be sure it will dispense golden germs too!


4 Steps to Get Your Dream Job on LinkedIn

linkedin dreamjobLinkedIn  in May,2011 I was skeptical like most people. I thought that I would be sharing too much information with the world through my LinkedIn account. I realized my ignorance a couple of months later when I tried to recall the number of firms that I have emailed my resume without knowing the recipient. Can you relate to this story? If your answer is ‘yes’, then I have good news for you. Getting your dream job is not a herculean task if you learn to use LinkedIn effectively. Maybe you once signed up for an account and you can’t remember the password or you aren’t active on the site then that explains why getting that dream job is so difficult. There are still jobs, companies are still recruiting.  Read on to find out how you can get your dream job with 4 steps.

Step 1.   You need connections
First of all, you need connections to land your dream job, but with a new mindset. You need to clear you mind and do away with all the wrong thoughts and attitudes that have plagued you.  You need connections to get the job but you may have been looking the wrong way for the insider. LinkedIn is where you can get connected to the right people, the right way. It is the most popular and widely used professional social network with over 135 million users and counting.  It is the place where career professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners meet to share and refine ideas. Why should you join the LinkedIn? Many big players in different sectors like Microsoft, Google, Coca Cola are represented on LinkedIn.  These employers have there human resource personnel seeking to recruit employees on linkedin.  This makes alot of sense when you consider that LinkedIn has 10 new members every 5 seconds.

Step 2.   You need a juicy and appealing profile
You need to go beyond the regular.  Spice up your profile with the right keywords.  Giving a clear description of yourself and your specialties is crucial. Upload a professional looking photo that matches your profile and the type of job you hope to get. Write a description about yourself in the summary, write out your specialties in detail, list your skills and education, activities and societies and work history details with the correct dates.  Filling in the accurate dates will help you connect with friends and colleagues from school or work.  Even if you leave out your phone number, your email address should be included. LinkedIn monitors the percentage level of completion of your profile  as you fill it out. Follow it and make sure your profile is complete.  Requesting for recommendations from people with whom you went to school or your current or past co-workers would make your profile much more appealing too.  It would also be a good idea to give recommendations to those who ask.  Include your twitter handle in your profile, and if you have a blog or website add it as well.  This would make your profile more marketable to employers and it would give them a crystal clear picture about you before they call you for an interview. The more information you put out there, the easier it will be for the human resources people of your desired companies to get in touch with you.  Make sure your profile is keyword-rich. Using the right words to describe yourself in the profile would allow you to rise in LinkedIn search results and that would help get you noticed.

Step 3.   You need to use LinkedIn search
The list of companies that you would like to work for can be found using the LinkedIn search. The LinkedIn search is effective and descriptive. You can search using skill, industry, certification, company, group and people. LinkedIn search result also shows you photo and title of individuals and how they are connected to you i.e. through groups or school or another connection. When you send an invitation based on the link you stand a higher chance of being accepted. You can find past colleagues and friends using your email address. This will help you find people that are connected to your dream workforce. Finally, don’t forget to search for jobs.

Step 4.   You need to grow your network
As you become more active on LinkedIn and you are showing up more in search results and suggested connections, more people will send you connection requests. Use your discretion in accepting them. Don’t limit your connections to people in your industry and people you know.  Logically, you should have more connections in your area of expertise and fewer outside your network.  Join the relevant groups that match your skills and specialties. LinkedIn suggests groups for you and you can use the search feature to find as many groups as you want. Don’t be a passive member of the groups you join, strive to be a top influencer.

Always write a personal note in your invite about why you want to connect to the person, maybe due to his area of expertise, blog or website. It would increase your chances of being accepted. Ask questions and answer questions on LinkedIn Answers this would significantly increase your visibility.  Having said that, don’t be in a hurry to accept every invitation that lands in your inbox.

Finally, it is also important to get out in the real world, meet people at both professional and informal events and continue to expand your network. Now, implement the four steps and repeat them until your dream job is yours!

MySuperDeck: Closing the gap between Facebook and the rest of the web.

BitPilot Systems has launched MySuperDeck, the first and number one Facebook online radio, information and entertainment hub. It is uniquely positioned to remove the disconnect between your web and facebook entertainment experience.

MySuperDeck is designed as a Facebook page with tabs which feature top online radio stations like Cool FM (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt), BBC 1, Beat FM, Wazobia FM (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt), Classic FM, Kapital FM, Premier FM, Lounge FM, and Liveway Radio.  MySuperDeck is not just an avenue to listen to online radio. It provides information on the latest jobs from Jobberman.com, latest news from top media (Vanguard, Punch, 234Next.com, BBC, CNN, Channels Television) sites, and selected TED videos.

Ever wondered why you had to wander off from facebook to listen to radio?  Now, you can have that information served to you right on Facebook.  You can share content on MySuperdeck using GooglePlus.  It can also make comments on your favourite radio station’s page and tweet about the current show you are listening to right from MySuperDeck.

For job information you can view a list jobs recently added to Jobberman.  You can also search for latest jobs by industry, level of experience required using the Jobberman tab on MySuperDeck.  MySuperDeck will definitely give you the best internet radio experience. BitPilot Systems is also planning to bring stations like inspiration FM to it’s page soon.

If you are thinking of serenading your woman and calling in on live radio to wish her a happy birthday, you can do that while you chat with her on Facebook now!   You can also ease your work stress while you enjoy music on Facebook, you and your friends can listen to shows on facebook at the same time and chat talk about it from here.  It’s going to be a fantastic Facebook experience from now on with MySuperDeck.


Clash of Social networking Titans: Twitter is taking on Facebook and Google+

clash of titans
Google+ opened its services to the world with features similar to Facebook and Twitter many asked if these other social networks should be afraid. Instead, Facebook rolled out features like the friendlists similar to Google+ circles, and a newsfeed similar to Twitter’s feed.   Now, Twitter has begun its campaign to gain more social media space by re-designing its features with the introduction of video sharing,  photo sharing, viewing user activity on twitter, a more functional search feature and viewing activity timeline. Twitter is taking on its rivals in a clash of the social networking titans!

Twitter announced  last week that it would integrate Facebook-like personal and business pages to its micro-blogging platform. It will create room for  brands and individuals to project themselves prominently so that businesses on twitter can be a destination in constrast to the current design of a place to only talk to customers (see video).
According to Mashable, brands that partnered with Twitter for the brand pages include Coca-Cola, Dell, Chevrolet, Disney, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Paramount Pictures, specifically for the release of Mission Impossible — Ghost Protocol,  McDonald’s, Nike and PepsiCo.
The new brand pages will create greater exposure and presence for companies on Twitter.  The re-design gives companies more customization of their business pages and the ability to display embedded multimedia  to create truly unique experiences.
As Twitter tries to be more Facebook-friendly and Google+ mushy you can expect to see more brands and active users on Twitter

YouTube Launches in Nigeria

Get Nigerian Businesses Online Intitiative, Google is set to unveil another package for the Nigeria market.  According to Techloy, a press conference will hold on the 7th of December 2011 where Google will formally announce that it will bring Youtube to Nigeria. YouTube is the most popular and viewed online video site in the world.  With this new move by Google, Nigeria has joined the league of African countries on YouTube.  The others are Kenya, South Africa, Egypt and Tunisia. When Google decided to have a dedicated domain for the African market it kicked off the YouTube campaign with the launch of the South African version in 2010.

The YouTube version for Nigeria will be running on the youtube.com.ng and youtube.ng domains, this will make it easy for videos for the African continent and Nigeria to be available and shared instead of getting lost in the mirage of the present YouTube. com that caters to all countries.  Although, this move gives sites like viewnaija serious competition.  Viewnaija allows users to upload and share content the same way that YouTube does.  As a matter of fact, it allows you to share videos by copying and embedding html code on your website or blog in the same way as YouTube.

At this time, it is not certain whether native languages like Hausa, Yoruba, or Igbo would be supported but it would be exciting to see native languages work with the localized version of YouTube.  With the eyes of Google set on cialis 20mg tablets Nigeria market, businesses can be sure to benefit from video site in sales and advertisement to the outside world.

BitPilot Systems cannot wait to have a channel on YouTube Nigeria so we can continue to connect with you everywhere you go.

6 Ways for Your Business to get the best of both Worlds: Facebook & Google+ Pages

FACEBOOK+GOOGLERecently, the search engine giant Google delved into the social media business by launching its own social networking site called Google+.  It has been trying to leverage on the earlier settlers like Facebook and Twitter. When it first started out, only personal profiles could be created and business profiles that were created before now were removed.  Google+ has introduced features similar to both Facebook and Twitter. With the wealth of information it has accumulated from its search engine and its Gmail, and the largest online video site (Youtube), Google docs, Google is ready not only to survive but to carve out a nitche and claim some territory on the social media turf.
Google+ has finally opened its gates for business, brands, companies to create pages.  You can sign up your business and learn how to set up your page right now.

Here are 6 ways to get the best of Facebook  and Google + Pages
1.    Enhanced search results ranking
Google and Bing search engines drive Google+ and Facebook search respectively. Google is working on fusing their search results with Google+.  The infusion of google into Google+ will significantly influence search results. Facebook pages are already being  indexed by Google and Bing and currently show up in search results. Facebook integration with Bing bring personalized search results. Your business can benefit from these two search engines and reach a wider audience in these social networks.  The returns on the investment of establishing your business’ presence on both networks is quite promising and you should give it a thought.


2.    Coverage Area
According to Facebook statistics page, Facebook has 800 million users, and counting.  Google+ has 40 million users and the folks at Google are working tirelessly to have more subscribers. Your company’s presence on the largest social network, Facebook, will serve to create awareness for your brands and services.


3.    Statistics

Facebook page has a powerful demographic analysis feature known as Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights allows you to determine the number of active and passive users on your page and those that visited the page. It will help you fine tune your marketing campaign. Google+ pages analysis might not be as strong as Facebook’s but you can be sure that Google is working on something as good as Facebook Insights.


4.    Apps

Facebook currently supports third party apps. On Facebook, you can create customized content that spans several pages (welcome pages and customized tabs) using html (iframes ) that allows you to creatively project your brands and showcase your products and services.  On the other hand, Google+ allows you to video chat with your customers at Google+ hangouts. To learn more about Google+ hangouts check this out.  Google apps, a collection of online word processing and business applications, has been integrated with Google+.

5.    Location
Google places are displayed in search engine results as Google maps. Google is probably working on adding this feature to Google+.  So, wise businesses would want to set up a Google+ pages now so that when Google starts indexing them they would get a good spot in page rankings. Facebook places is already available, although, many business have not linked their Facebook pages to Facebook places yet. To enjoy mapping and location tracking activate facebook places. Facebook places uses Bing maps and is therefore limited by availability of your business location on Bing maps.


The power of contextual advertising to achieve sales targets has encouraged many business to embrace Google Adsense, Adwords and Facebook adverts.  However, Facebook Ads have a greater effect because it is targeted at the customers while they socialize with friends on Facebook (and are more emotionally receptive, or vulnerable if you will).  Google+ pages would display Google Ads in the future also.


The capabilities of Facebook and G+ pages are not overrated in any way. You don’t have to ditch Facebook for Google+ or shun Google+ either. Both are essential to your businesses growth. They have their respective benefits so embrace them and use them wisely because they would present an excellent online marketing investment.   Meanwhile, you can check out our all new Google+ page.

Apple Siri, Microsoft Kinect and the Future of Computing

siri,kinectFor we the i-fans it has really been an eventful year. We had the pleasure of flaunting our new toys to our friends: the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S for all who had eyes to see.  We also experienced the loss of one of the world’s most innovative and creative CEO’s, Steve Jobs. Just when we were grieving the loss we had suffered, the Apple team handed us some new and big bragging rights again in the form of Siri.

Siri utilizes the results of over 40 years of research funded by the United States Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  Siri is an intelligent digital personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. It allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls and more.  But “Siri” isn’t like traditional voice recognition software that requires you to remember keywords and speak specific commands. Siri understands natural speech, and it asks you questions if it needs more information to complete a task. According to Apple, it is so easy to use Siri that all you have to do is “ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back”.  It was announced on October 4, 2011 that Siri is included with the iPhone 4S and the older version of Siri which was not integrated with iOS was removed from App store by Apple.

The new Siri is designed for the iOS5 which is available only on iPhone 4S at the moment (it is reported that some hackers have been able to get Siri to work on  iPod Touch, iPad and older versions of the iPhone).  Siri would most certainly be ported across all of Apple’s current products as it is of strategic importance.  Siri is a giant leap forward for the use of Artificial Intelligence in personal computing.   Eric Savitz (Forbes) recently had an interview with Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie in which Craig revealed that Microsoft has had all of Siri’s features on it’s Windows Phone for over a year.  Apparently, Microsoft is not impressed with Siri and instead is placing its bet on gesture-based and motion-sensing technology (which it has been developing for a while as Kinect) as a means of interacting with computers. Microsoft currently uses Kinect as a game controller in Xbox and wants to advance it further for use in its Windows operating system.

Whatever happens next, Kinect and Siri would be of relevance as the way we use and interact with technology changes. Whether we chose to use phones, tablet pc’s or laptops, Siri and Kinect would be present in the future in some way to assist us.

Snaptu: Where is Twitter at?



Twitter can be accessed on snaptu via a walk around on the Facebook wall! Learn more here.


“Can’t access Twitter from Snaptu anymore. Not fair!”  – @istarfishie  

“No twitter on snaptu”   – @sca_pula

“Havent been here in a minute i hate the web version (of Twitter), my snaptu version disappeared” – @PeepMySwagg

“the pain is mutual. I miss snaptu.” – @BeyondDfear

“is there an app dat makes twitter wonderful like snaptu, menh i miss twitter on snaptu” – @HRNLATEEF

“Dame!!! I miss my Twitter on @Snaptu”  – @IamObeenah

@Snaptu please bring back my twitter app…” @siyarah

@Snaptu u have no value for people feelin…in ur heart …..only thinkikn money making…..” – @P_Sandhal

“Snaptu no try atol!!! Wia dem carry twitter go” – @beemzy

“@snaptu_fan why did you remove twitter from snaptu… then how do i acess my twitter account…?” – @sreedhanesh007

“gurl this web sucks,i want snaptu back!!! Oh no!! I’m gonna cry.” – @MissKayteeBlue

These are the expressions of the frustrations of Snaptu users who were rudely shocked at the disappearance of their services on Snaptu.  Snaptu is a mobile application for cheaper, low-feature phones that enables the use of smartphone-like applications  that wormed its way into the heart of millions of social media users with its simplicity and reliability. The fact that it saves users from crowding their phones with so many different applications (for accessing different social networks) made it popular. We had our entire favorite social media services accessible from one app.

snaptu interface

About a month ago, I woke up to notifications on the application page on my phone warning me of an impending change.  Like so many other people I ignored it because  I couldn’t imagine a world with social media without Snaptu. On 11th November 2011, Snaptu betrayed us by finally shutting down Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr access after the acquisition of the technology company by Facebook.

Even though there was a long notification it still didn’t prepare me and other users for what to expect without the best mobile client for Twitter.  Snaptu allowed me to read and share technology news on the go from the websites of Guardian, BBC, TechCrunch, Gigaom, Lifehacker, Ars Technica, and Engadget.  Now these apps have disappeared from my phone.  The strangest part is that Snaptu tweeted about the new Facebook deal with joy. How are we supposed to tweet without you- Snaptu?

Facebook realized that 4.4 million users where coming from Snaptu  and that they are the third most popular mobile app used for accessing Facebook (behind  Andriod and iPhone Facebook apps) and they made the business move to acquire the app.  Twitter, why did you allow this to happen on your watch?  Snaptu, we need Twitter back!!  Twitter,  this is a wakeup call for the development of an application that would give a similar or better experience than Snaptu.

One can only wonder if the recent tech mergers and acquisitions are going to improve customers’ experiences or they are only meant to fulfill the selfish lust for money and power by some Silicon Valley tech executives.

5 Social Media Tips to Win the hearts of your customers

win your customerWith the potential available for businesses to succeed today and the possibility to literally pry out customers from the four corners of the universe through the  power of social media, it is strange to discover that many business owners and marketing executives still find it difficult to get clients, prospect and customers to commit to their brand and spread the word about them.

In business the customer is everything. To ensure customer loyalty and unsolicited referrals you need  your customers to love your brand.  To win their love you must first win their hearts.

1) Reach out

In every relationship someone must initiate the conversation. Likewise you need to reach out to your customers and prospects on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your company doesn’t automate all activities on social media platforms.  Answer questions, start discussions and reply comments in a personal way on Facebook and Twitter.

2) Share and care

Share important information with your followers on Twitter, Facebook fans and LinkedIn followers. You can also spread the word on the groups that a staff of your company belongs on LinkedIn. This will show that you care for them. Talk about industry news and tips that are indirectly related to what you do. Ensure that you put out unique content so that your customers and fans will always learn something new. Everyone wants care and attention so doing this will make the heart of your customer yours. Be an authority in your field. You can introduce things you learned from other firms. Don’t pull down your competition it will only make you look bad and will gravitate your customers to them

3) Gifts

Always give gifts to your customers. It doesn’t have to be a bonanza, festive season or sales offer for you to remember your customers on the contrary you should give them a surprise gift.  Or better still send a team from your company to pay a surprise visit to your loyal customers. Go along with reporters and TV crew.  Your customers love this special treatment and your competition will soon be looking to you for advise

4) Appreciate

Don’t treat your customers like piece of rubbish or like they don’t count. Make them feel indispensable because they truly are. Customers can sense when they are under-appreciated. Organise free webinars, seminars and vacations for your esteemed customers. After a purchase or an enquiry, get their Facebook, Twitter handle so that you can send a thank you message. Love your customers genuinely and they will give you their heart. Anything short of that will negate your marketing efforts

5) Humour

Humour is needful to worm your way into the hearts of your customers. Create an atmosphere of laughter when they call in, send you tweets or join your fan base on Facebook. Make them smile easily while they talk about your company. As someone once said, “The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army”.  Design funny, captivating site banners animations/cartoons to keep visitors on your site entertained.


When all is said and done, the customer is king.  Create an action plan today to win your customers and you will never regret you did.

 If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.

Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon.com

5 Symptoms of a Social Media Junkie

social media obscession

Social media affect our lives in more ways than we realize or would like to admit. We are at a point where a critical self examination of our activities on these social media networks should be done occasionally . Some of the discoveries you make might shock you.  You would be tempted to look the other way if you find you have become a compulsive user of social media, but you must fight it. If you don’t that would probably be the first sign that you are a social media addict living in denial.

Some symptoms to watch out for are listed below.

1. You are always active on social media throughout the day, 7 days a week.  If you feel an urgent need when you are in the restroom to tweet to the whole world that you have constipation then congrats, you are a junkie.  A mum was so active on Facebook that she neglected her baby and the baby got drowned.

2. You don’t like making phone calls or hardly do so. Instead of returning a call you hit Facebook.com to poke your friend or colleague. If you wish all your friends/acquaintances happy birthday on Facebook/Twitter, sending them Facebook cakes and cards without actually taking time to visit or call them then you are a junkie.

3. You actively engage in tweeting/Facebooking/LinkedIn-ing while driving or while riding on bikes.  Yup, you read that right, people tweet on bikes.  A study has shown that  more than 10% access Twitter while driving.

4. You can find time to post status updates/tweet in life and death situations.  An advanced social media addict would be comfortable composing tweeting, posting updates, videos and photos online while in life-threatening/dangerous situations.  Jason Valdez used Facebook to post pictures of himself with his hostage, commenting about how ‘cute’ his ‘hostage’ was on one of the photographs he took.  He did this while surrounded by police and his friends pleaded with him on Facebook to let his hostage go. Now that’s as sick as it can get.

5. You feel comfy when you have not seen your close friends in 6 months  to over a year because you chatted via text or video with them on Facebook or commented on their walls when you can actually see them with a little effort.

If you have any of this symptoms and you feel you aren’t high on social media yet then try to disconnect and stay away from Facebook, Twitter etc for about two weeks. Who knows? You might be in the early stages and may need to contact a social media shrink at BitPilot Systems and be examined (free of charge).

A robot that flies like a bird

Markus Fischer led the team at Festo that developed the first ultralight artificial bird capable of flying like a real bird. Plenty of robots can fly but none can fly like a real bird. That is, until Markus Fischer and his team at Festo built SmartBird, a large, lightweight robot, modeled on a seagull, that flies by flapping its wings. The video below is from a TED talk he gave in TEDGlobal 2011.

Who am I?: INEC’s stolen DDC machines and Identity Theft.


In 2010, some months after the importation of the Direct Data Capture machines (laptops with fingerprint scanners and web cams ) by the Independent National Electoral Commission, a few of them were stolen at the airport.  11 months after the unfortunate incident, there’s a recurrence of DDC machines theft.  This time the implications are far more grievous because the computers have information on them, possibly your own personal information.

Specifically, on October 16 2011, after an internal audit, it was confirmed by INEC Chairman’s Chief Press Secretary, Mr Kayode Idowu, that 1,388 units of the machines were missing.  2,986 have their hard disks missing and 644 backup batteries are missing.  In usual fashion, government officials have tried to make this incident appear unimportant by telling us that they have the data on computers backed up.  What the public has not been told is the volume of information about Nigerians that the thieves have access to.  During the voters registration exercise, prospective voters willingly provided INEC with biometric information, fingerprint and digital photographs, that could be used to uniquely identify them. This could be used for identity theft by those who carted away the DDC machines.

Identity theft is a form of stealing, stealing another person’s identity.  Someone pretends to be another person by assuming that person’s identity, typically in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person’s name. The victim of identity theft (here meaning the person whose identity has been assumed by the identity thief) can suffer serious negative consequences if he or she is held accountable for the thief’s actions. Organizations and individuals who are duped or defrauded by the identity thief can also suffer adverse consequences and to that extent are also potential victims.

Imagine for one second that a YahooYahoo criminal, otherwise known as 419er (fraudster), got his hands on your record on one of those computers. He would know your full name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, and place of birth, residential address and profession.  Therefore, the people with access to these DDC machines could easily impersonate (by producing and presenting fake identification cards) registered voters and commit crimes in their name.  That is a scary thought indeed.  Are there any measures in place to identify this sort of theft or prevent them?  In the United States, an act to limit the cases of identity fraud has been passed into law and the crime attracts a maximum sentence of 15 years by the perpetrator.  Some of the ways personal information is used by people include:

  1. Passwords on banking/credit card company/social media sites e.g. name of spouse, date of birth.
  2. Password recovery information e.g. mother’s maiden name, memorable place (place of birth?)
  3. Signup/registration information

The theft of the voters’ registration computers represents a significant national security breach.  Can the extent of this compromise of security be estimated?  At present, Facebook records about 600,000 suspicious log ins every day.  Is someone attempting to use your comprised information to hack your account?  There are thousands of compromised online accounts and these include social media accounts like Twitter and LinkedIn.

This is not a good time to get paranoid.  You need only take a few steps to begin protecting your identity.

  1. Change your passwords periodically
  2. Don’t share the same password across multiple sites (using the same password on Twitter and for your bank/credit card company is not such a good idea)
  3. Don’t write your passwords down on paper
  4. Make sure your passwords include letters and numbers.  For example, y3m1cl@r@ (yemiclara) is simple and easy to remember.
  5. Don’t use your first name, middle name or spouse name as your password.  It’s easy for anyone to find this information online or elsewhere.  When possible, don’t combine them with other words to form a password. There are computer applications for hacking passwords that can use this information as a foundation to guess your password and hack your account.
  6. Don’t tell anyone your password.
  7. Don’t use simple or easy to guess words as passwords. For example, “blueblood”, “Nigeria”, “Obama”, “myPassword2011”, “LagosBoy”, “BeninBoy”, “Superlawyer”, “crazybanker”, “50cent”, “sexygirl” etc.  I have successfully hacked accounts by guessing passwords and someone’s account is being hacked using this technique as you read this article.
  8. Install an antivirus software on your computer and keep it updated.
You can listen to a podcast about identity theft from Symantec (maker of Norton Antivirus) or read more on their website.  Protect yourelf. Don’t be a victim of a malicious yahooligan.

Chicken Little and the falling German satellite

fallin german sat
“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”, screamed Chicken Little. Though considered a false alarm, word got around the city well enough before it was established that it was an acorn that hit his head. It is not an acorn this time neither is it an alien invasion but the law of gravity been obeyed. ROSAT, a German Satellite that was launched into space in 1990 is returning back to earth with a speed estimated to be at 280 mph (450 kph).  Scientists do not know exactly where it would fall. It’s about the size of a mini-van and the weighs about 1.87 tons (1.7 metric tons) and it is tumbling down to earth.
It is not likely to fall on anybody as the odds of it falling on anyone have been calculated to be as low as 1 in 2,000. The question is what would happen if you happen to be at the very landing spot of the satellite?  “Although no one has been struck by this stuff yet, eventually, statistics say someone’s going to get hit,” said Nicholas Johnson, NASA’s Orbital Debris Manager.

It seems that Chicken Little was right all along; the sky is indeed falling.
Some incidents of returning debris from space have been recorded in the past.  In January 1978, the Soviet surveillance satellite Kosmos 954 crashed in northern Canada scattering radioactive material from the spacecraft’s nuclear power generator over thousands of square miles.  In July 1979 pieces of the nine story tall 77.5 ton Sky Lab crashed to earth at speeds of up to 270 mph.

A number of international space facilities, specialists and computer programs will join a cooperative effort to monitor the fall of the defunct ROSAT satellite. If you would like to do some monitoring yourself you can track ROSAT’s orbit at real-time satellite tracking site n2yo.com.

Where is Chicken Little when you really need him?

Bill Gates celebrates birthday at Washington lecture

bill gate
Bill Gates, superGeek, innovator and Microsoft Founder and chairman marks his birthday today Oct. 28, 2011.  However, that did not prevent him from sharing the joy of his special day at a lecture delivered at Washington’s School of Computer Science and Engineering the day before (Oct. 27).  There, his father presented him with a cupcake.

Born William H. Gates III on  October 28, 1955, he is credited as the man who envisioned and built the first software company in the world.  He has succeeded, along with men like Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, in changing the world.  Today, Microsoft is recognized as the No. 1 Global Workplace by the Great Places to Work Institute.  That is certainly a befitting brithday gift. He turns 56 today.

Here’s the first part of a series of youtube videos featuring Bill Gates and Steve Jobs where they discuss their contributions to the technology industry. Happy birthday Bill Gates!

Google launches GNBO to put 40k Nigerian businesses online for free


Google just launched GNBO, (Get Nigerian Businesses Online) to similarly target Nigerian SMEs in partnership with MTN Nigeria and Ecobank.

The program was formerly launched at a PR launch event in Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.  Get Nigerian Businesses Online Web Fair will hold between October 31st – November 4th, 2011, Ikeja-Lagos.

Google had previously announced GKBO, Google’s initiative targeted at Getting Kenyan Businesses Online.

The program offers businesses the following benefits:

  • Free easy-to-build and maintain, professional website;
  • Free matching mobile website;  and
  • Free website hosting.

Here’s the youtube promotional video for the initiative below:


Meet the Facebook haters: Unthink.com


Update: A visit to the Unthink website as of January 15, 2015 presents users with a temporary page that says “Future homw of something quite cool”

“We are not another social network. We are a Social Revolution“.  Meet Unthink.com, the totally anti-facebook platform. The byline being touted by the latest social network is certainly catchy. While many have never visited GooglePlus (which has rolled out some cool and pretty fancy new features) to find out what it looks like, and others are trying to catch up with Facebook, here comes another social network. Another password to remember and profile to maintain?  

The thing with Unthink is that  they are different, very different.  They ask “What type of Unthinker are you?, Champion? Explorer? Healer? Rebel? Sage?”.  It really makes one wonder where they are headed.  They promise to emancipate us from the shackles of Facebook by giving us complete control over how our information is used and shared.  This is particularly alluring when you consider that Facebook has been under criticism for some time now for violation of users’ privacy. The site is still in testing stage so you might want to hang on a little bit before you check it out.